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Squirrel Trapping

Squirrel Trapping

Your attic is likely to be a home away from home for pregnant squirrels seeking a suitable nesting area and for male and female squirrels searching for a warm, cozy place to spend the winter. During summer months, squirrels tend to take advantage of the outdoors where tree nuts, seeds and juicy bugs are abundant, and leafy trees provide comfortable pockets in which to hide from predators.

Late summer and early fall frequently find homeowners wondering what is making those odd noises in their attic in the middle of the night. Signs of a possible squirrel infestation include:

  • Scratching, scurrying and thumping noises coming from your attic
  • Twigs, dried leaves, squirrel droppings (oblong pellets that resemble white and brown rice) and other debris scattered over your attic floor
  • Chewed wiring
  • Insulation damage

Squirrel Trapping Service in Miami

One-Way Doors

This is the safest method of squirrel removal. We locate all squirrel entry points. After installing the one-way door properly, seal all other entry points in the attic so the squirrels will have only one way to leave—through the door. After the squirrels leave, remove the door and seal the entry.

Live Traps

Live traps with bait is an effective method to get rid of squirrels in the attic. Live traps are securely seton a roof, in an attic, or on the ground. When trapping squirrels, it is important to thoroughly inspect the attic before sealing entry points, because you need to ensure you caught all target squirrels.

Once the squirrels are safely removed, we identify and seal all entry points to prevent future squirrel infestations.  Squirrel exclusions are the most effective, long-term solution to a squirrel problem.

DIY Squirrel Trapping

How do you get rid of squirrels without harming them? Buying traps on your own and setting them out normally does not work. You have to know the exact spots to place the traps, and even then the squirrels are usually smart enough to get around them. Not to mention traps can cost you an exorbitant amount of money if you have to continually buy new ones.

The best way to get rid of these critters is to call us and let our technicians catch your squirrels humanely using cage traps primarily designed to capture squirrels, opossums, and raccoons. Our cages will catch your attic squatters without causing injury to them, allowing us to safely remove them from your home.

Call the Experts Today

Critter Control® technicians will also explain how to prevent squirrels from re-infesting your attic by making slight modifications to your landscape and sealing all exit and entry holes. If you suspect squirrels are transforming your attic into their private clubhouse, call us today for a free consultation at 305-363-7136.