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Residential Animal Services

Being a homeowner or property manager comes with more than enough responsibilities on its own, and rat in trapthe last thing you need is to worry about addressing a wild animal infestation. When critters invade your home or a residential property that you manage, trust the experts at Critter Control® to help.

Even a small weak spot or hole in a home’s roof or exterior can be all it takes for nuisance animals like rodents, raccoons, and opossums to invade. With the help of our expert animal removal technicians, your residence will remain safe from the dangers of nuisance animals for years to come. With a removal process that has been refined over three decades of serving the Miami area, our team will make sure the critters are removed quickly and completely.

Critter Damage Repairs

When animals infest a home, they often leave behind messes and damage that can be hugely inconvenient to fix on your own. Luckily, when we remove the nuisance animals, we can also clean up after them afterwards. Some commonly damaged areas include:

  • Attic and wall sheetrock due to urine and feces permeation
  • Attic insulation being torn up to create nests or being soiled
  • Chewed up or frayed electrical wiring or piping

After we return your home to undamaged condition, we can seal up any potential entry points around the property to help ensure that animal infestations aren’t an issue in the future.

Let Us Help

With our wealth of knowledge and cutting-edge removal methods, you can count on Critter Control® to clear, clean, and animal-proof your home to keep you or your tenants safe. For more information about our residential animal services, call us today at 305-363-7136.