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Effective, Natural Pest Control

Pests are a problem for many homeowners in Miami. Critter Control is happy to provide your household with effective, affordable, and natural pest control services. We use methods that are humane, safe for your family, and successful at eliminating multifarious pest problems.

The Problem with Pests

Many house pests are adept at invading the home without your notice. Squirrels and raccoons, for instance, work their way into crawl spaces and attics where they make their nests. They pose a significant health hazard with the droppings and debris they leave behind. Birds in particular are known to carry diverse diseases. They can also damage your home. Keep a lookout for common signs of invasion.

You may see the critters themselves at certain times, scurrying across your yard. You may hear their scratching at the walls, see tracks around your house, or notice gnawing or bite marks on your walls, doors, window frames, or even the food in the house. Most pests also typically make their presence known with the unpleasant odors of droppings or even dead animals that have begun to decay. Do not try to handle them yourself, as you do not want to come in contact with any harmful or infectious substance. Call our pest control service experts to take care of the problem safely.

Environment-Friendly Solutions

We provide eco- and animal-friendly natural methods of removing pests. This includes the process of capturing and releasing the animals without bringing them in contact with humans as well as preventative measures that deter birds and rodents alike from entering the premises. If you believe you have a pest problem, contact us today; we will effectively take care of the issue with our environmentally friendly methods.