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Rat Control Miami

Rat Control is Essential

Rats pose serious hazards to you and your family because of the diseases they carry and their more aggressive nature than most other rodent species, such as mice and squirrels. If you do not have the proper rat control services, you may end up with an ill family member, damaged building or home, or lost food.

Health Hazards and the Cost of Rats

When rats infest a building, they cause damage in numerous ways, including:rat control miami

  • Chewing through wires and pipes
  • Creating nests that invite mold growth
  • Destroying or contaminating food supplies
  • Spreading potentially life-threatening diseases to building occupants

As soon as you notice any signs of rats, such as dropping, small holes in food containers, etc. you should contact a rat control professional. Rats can be incredibly aggressive, even when they’ve been caught in a trap. They may bite, scratch, and chase a person or animal who threatens them—causing wounds and possible infections.

Hiring Professionals

Rats are intelligent, resilient, and dangerous animals. The average homeowner is not equipped or trained to get rid of a rat infestation. Removing them completely and safely requires the knowledge and tools of animal control experts.

Call Critter Control® at 305-363-7136 to receive a free home or building inspection. We have more than 15 years of experience ridding homes of rats and keeping them out for good.