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Removing Foxes from Your Property

In their natural habitat, foxes can be very curious, interesting creatures to observe. But once wild foxes come around the home and decide to set up camp, their status changes to a nuisance that needs to be taken care of. Critter Control of Miami is the pest control solution you need to make your property fox-free once again.

What Are You Dealing With?

There are quite a few reasons to call a professional to remove a fox from your yard. Though they seem like harmless creatures, they still pose a risk to both your property and family:

  • If you have pets, they could be at risk for an attack from a fox, regardless if the fox feels provoked or not. Foxes prey on smaller animals and will easily kill a kitten, rabbit, or small puppy for food. A pet is a member of your family, so be sure to keep them inside when there’s a fox nearby.
  • Contrary to popular belief, rabies is not very common in foxes; but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are completely safe, either. Foxes can be carriers of many different kinds of bacteria and diseases and simply because rabies isn’t common doesn’t mean that the risk is completely gone. Keep children and pets away from foxes and immediately seek medical attention if anyone is bitten.
  • Foxes are constantly on the lookout for food, which makes your yard a prime location for them. They will dig through obstacles to get to food, and that includes gardens, trash cans, and other areas. Rather than calling a landscaper to come and fix your destroyed yard, call Critter Control and deal with the problem at its source so it won’t keep happening.
  • Once a fox has decided your home is now their home, they will do what comes naturally and set up a den on the property. Fox dens are usually found under decks, sheds, or in crawl spaces. It’s best to prevent this before they settle in and begin to breed, which will only worsen the problem and give you more foxes to deal with removing.

Seize the Solution
There’s no need to put up with foxes taking over your property. Contact us today for fox removal and control.