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Opossum Removal Services


Think you may have an opossum under your house, deck, or in a crawl space? The scents you smell and sounds you hear may be an opossum who has made your home his home. These critters are often referred to as nuisance animals. Fortunately, at Critter Control, we specialize in trapping and removing these pesky critters. Call your local office today and let us provide you with reliable and effective opossum removal and exclusion services.

Identifying What You Need

As with any problem, you will want to identify the need before you seek professional services. Opossums look like giant, scruffy rats. They have a bare nose, rat-like tail, and dirty gray-white fur. They typically have black ears with white tips and are great swimmers and climbers. Their naked, prehensile tail assists them with these endeavors. You may have seen them traveling by walking in a clumsy, stumbling manner. They have five toes on each foot and can be spotted by their black eye rings. Opossums usually live in forested areas, agricultural areas, fields, or suburban habitats. They are nocturnal, solitary, and highly adaptable to their surroundings. These critters often burrow under the sides of homes, which can damage a home’s foundation. Once inside, they build nests and often cause damage.

What to Do Before a Specialist Arrives

Untrained homeowners should not confront opossums on their own. While they may look harmless, opossums will often hiss and bear their teeth when they feel threatened. In some instances, they even carry rabies and fleas, and ticks they may harbor can have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. So exercise extreme caution if you have an opossum problem. Wait for an expert to handle the problem for you.

How a Technician Will Help

With Critter Control, you can expect our technicians to humanely capture and release any opossums from your home. Our professionals are trained in opossum removal, trapping, control, and how to identify and prevent opossum damage.