Problems Caused by Pigeons

Pigeons are not looked upon favorably by most people, although some love to sit in the park and feed them.

It is important to note that pigeons are monogamous, and pairs stay together for their lifetimes. As long as the food is plentiful, they will breed two to four times per year, laying two white, nondescript eggs in a haphazardly built nest. It only takes four to six weeks for their young to be semi-independent, and it is at this point that the pair will start anoth… Read more »

Can a Rat Chew Through Walls?

If you’ve heard any noises in your walls, you aren’t crazy – some animals can make their way inside them and build a nest. Even though it might seem like nothing could get inside them, walls are a favorite nesting spot for rats. But how in the world do they get in? Sometimes they can slip in cracks, but they can also create their own entry points as well. You’d b… Read more »

Palm Rats in Miami

Palm rats also called roof rats or citrus rats are but one pest that thrives in the sunshine state. While Norway rats are by far the most common rat in other parts of the US, in Florida, they are quite rare in comparison to the palm rat.

Palm rats are arboreal, meaning they naturally live in trees. They build leaf and twig nests in citrus trees. In especially hot weather, they nest in thick mulch or shallow burrows under the trees. Their natural inclination to climb and nest above the ground is why roof rats also end up … Read more »

How to Keep Raccoons Out of Pools

The state of Florida has the most pools, and Miami leads the way. 30.6% of Miami residents have a pool. It is not a surprise. It stays hot nearly year-round, and Miami has an average of 249 sunny days. Not only that, it’s estimated a pool in a Florida home increases the value by 5%-8%!

People aren’t the only ones taking dips. Raccoons love pools too.

Why Do Raccoons Love Pools?

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The Best Raccoon Repellents

It’s happened to nearly all of us: we leave trash outside, resolve to put it into the trash can, and promptly forget about it. Then the following morning, when we walk outside to meet the day, we are met instead by a yard strewn with trash. This is, in all probability, the work of a raccoon. Raccoons are extremely opportunistic animals that have adapted remarkably well to human life; they sometimes seem purpose-built to drive homeowners crazy.

How to Prevent Raccoons

If the above scenario is to be avoided, you should start thinking about methods… Read more »

Busting Raccoon Myths

Have You Heard of These 3 Top Myths about Raccoons?

  1. Raccoons Only Carry Rabies

While raccoons are a primary reservoir for rabies, they also carry many other diseases that can be transmitted to humans, such as raccoon roundworm and leptospirosis. Raccoon roundworms are spread via airborne eggs excreted when the… Read more »

How to Get Rid of Dead Animal Smell

Nobody likes the thought of wild animals in their home. The idea that there are critters lurking somewhere in the house gives people chills. They leave frustrating messes behind and are difficult to track down. But sometimes they can pose even more irritating problems when they die in your house.

The most common areas of your home to find a decomposing animal body 

Why You Shouldn’t Remove Dead Animals Yourself

You may be pleased to find a dead mouse or raccoon on your property – yay, pest problem solved! But it could be just the beginning of your problem. What to do with the carcass? Don’t even think about flushing it down the toilet. And you can’t just throw it in the trash in most parts of North America. Give it a decent burial? Even if your proper… Read more »

What do I do With Rat Droppings in my Attic?

If you currently have or recently had rats in your attic, you’ll have to deal with a clean-up at some point. After all, you don’t want to just leave animal feces up there with all your boxes and belongings! So how do you handle it?

Identify the Problem

Before figuring out how to handle the droppings in your attic, you might need to identify what the … Read more »

Should I use Rat Poison for a Squirrel Problem?

Dealing with any type of rodent in your home is a cause for stress and frustration. You don’t know how long they’ve been there or how much damage they’ve done, and you may find yourself desperate to get rid of them by any means necessary.

However, the first thing you need to do before you ever try to handle a nuisance pest is take a breath and think logically abou… Read more »