How to Keep Raccoons Out of your Trash

Most of us have had it happen or know somebody whose fallen victim to it – Raccoon in trashraccoons knocking over trash cans in search of food and dragging the contents all over your property. Raccoons are intelligent, determined, and very capable animals that can use their front paws like hands to tip over and open garbage cans for a quick meal.

If this is a regular occurrence for you, or if trash day has become a source of stress and frustration because of raccoon activity, the following tips may help.

Change how you do trash day

Many folks like to put out their garbage cans the night before trash collection, but this gives mischievous raccoons plenty of time to do their dirty work. Instead, take a couple minutes in the morning to roll your cans out to the curb. Raccoons are most active at night, so they’re less likely to cause trouble if you take out the cans in the morning.

Proper garbage can storage

Not all homes have room to store garbage cans inside of a garage or shed, but keeping them outside safely requires some smart placement. Keep the cans in a secured area, or anchor the cans to the ground to avoid them being tipped over. If you have motion-activated spotlights on your property, try placing your garbage cans in their line of sight, as light will startle off unwanted critters.

Keep your cans clean

Raccoons are attracted to the scent your garbage cans give off, so keeping them clean is crucial – especially if they’re stored outside. It not only makes your property more pleasant smelling, but it makes your trash less appetizing for scavenging raccoons. If you want to take things a step further, ammonia is highly offensive to raccoons, and putting a small amount in or around your garbage cans is a great deterrent.

We can help

Raccoons can be a huge nuisance, and if addressed improperly, they can even be dangerous. It is helpful to discourage their activity with the above tips, but if you have a recurring problem, there is no substitute for professional assistance. Call Critter Control® today at 305-258-3587 to schedule a free home consultation.