How to get rid of Pigeons

It is no mystery why pigeons, of all birds, are considered pests. They steal Miami - pigeonsyour food, leave droppings everywhere, and come in big packs. It can be hard to control these birds from infiltrating your home or business. The Humane Society suggests killing them is not a good option not only because it’s cruel, but because it will not solve your problem. Here are some tips on how to keep your property free from pesky pigeons.

Cut their food source.

Pigeons will keep coming back to an area where they know they can find food. If you feed them, whether you are intentional about it or not, these birds will come back more frequently, and with more in their pack. If you scatter bird seeds in your yard, put them in a birdfeeder to deter flocks of pigeons from feasting in your yard.

Use birth control.

It sounds silly, but there is such a thing as pigeon birth control called OvoControl. It’s a kibble-like food you can scatter for them to eat, which causes the pigeons who eat it to lay eggs that never develop fully.

Prevent nesting.

If pigeons nest on your property, it means they feel they can live safely there. They mostly look for flat surfaces to nest on, like roofs or garages. To keep them from nesting at your home or business, block those flat spaces with wood or metal sheathing, bird wires, or netting.

Pigeon control methods have become a necessary part of your home and building maintenance. Here’s how they work.

Parallel Wires

Running parallel wires across your structure, whether a house, large building, or shed, will keep pigeons from landing and nesting on the roof. This can be accomplished as a DIY project, but it can be tricky and might best be installed by a professional.

Bird Gels

Bird repellent gels are sticky substances that can be spread across structures. The effort it takes for pigeons to get free deters them from landing again. While the gel doesn’t trap pigeons, this method could trap smaller birds unable to set themselves free.


Decoys such as plastic owls, reflective disks, or kites with bird images are affordable, simple to employ, and humane methods of discouraging pigeons from landing. The downside is that they work for a short period of time before smart pigeons realize what they are and start ignoring them.


Motion-activated lasers flash a piercing light that startles landing pigeons. This is an effective method at first, but like decoys, pigeons get used to them.

Bird Netting

Bird netting hung vertically along the siding of a building will prevent any bird from perching on the surface of a structure. The netting works best on pitched roofs and is relatively invisible. On the downside, it is time-consuming to install and maintain.

Bird Spikes

Stainless steel Anti-roosting spikes

How Does Critter Control Get Rid of Pigeons?

Controlling pigeons is quite different than any other type of nuisance animal. They cannot be trapped and released elsewhere as they’ll fly right back. And in many geographies, relocating pigeons is prohibited because of the risk of spreading disease.

The risk of disease is also one of the best reasons to pass on getting rid of pigeons yourself and call in Critter Control. Critter Control will assess your specific situation and develop a custom solution based on where pigeons are roosting and the severity of the problem. Often we employ multiple solutions from the list below to make the area inhospitable to pigeons so they go away on their own:

  • Install barriers
  • Clip and clear roosting branches
  • Fixing or adding vent screens and chimney caps
  • Installing bird spikes
  • Setting up wires
  • Fencing gardens
  • Sealing gaps in roofing, sheds, and warehouses

Busy homeowners and business owners rely on Critter Control’s certified wildlife specialists to effectively and humanely get rid of pigeons and keep them out. Critter Control restores the damage created by nuisance animals as well. Best of all, we guarantee our work.

If you have any questions about pigeon removal, or would like to schedule a free consolation, call us today at 305-258-3587.