Coral Gables Rodent Removal

Animals such as rats, mice, and bats are destructive mammals that can cause expensive property damage. If you notice chew marks, droppings, or scratching and squeaking noises in your Coral Gables business or home, don’t hesitate to contact the expert rodent removal professionals at Critter Control® serving  Miami.

Efficient Best Practices

Critter Control®  specializes in safe and efficient rodent removal through a proven four-step process.

  1. Inspect– During your free consultation, your property will receive a thorough inspection from one of our expert technicians to assess the level of your rodent infestation.
  2. Remove– Our technician will eliminate your infestation without leaving any dead rodents behind by using our humane CritterSafe removal practices. Our CritterSafe program minimizes harm to rodents by using:
  • Non-lethal techniques
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic, sprays
  • Live catch traps
  • Off-site release
  1. Restore- Any damage your property suffered as a result of your rodent infestation will be repaired by our technician. Restoration includes replacing chewed up drywall and cleaning up rodent droppings.
  2. Exclude- To ensure rodents will not return, any and all entry points into your property will be sealed off.

Expert Rodent Removal

Trust the professionals at Critter Control® to permanently remove rodents from your home. Call us today at 305-363-7136 to schedule your free consultation.