Why Bat Extermination Is Illegal

You should never attempt to poison or exterminate bats. Not only is this Miami Batmethod unsuccessful and harmful to the animal, but it’s also illegal in the State of Florida because bats are critical to plant pollination and insect control. Bats are protected under Florida wildlife laws, so it’s important to let a professional legally and humanely remove the bats from your property.

If bats become a nuisance for your home or business, the only way to permanently remove them is by performing a proper bat exclusion. An exclusion is administered by positioning one-way devices in the areas where the bats are emerging from the roost. The one-way devices allow the bats to safely exit and keeps them from re-entering the structure.

Critter Control® will conduct a bat exclusion using techniques that will successfully remove the animals by:

  • Finding all entry points
  • Bat-proofing all openings
  • Installing exclusion devices
  • Allowing time for the bats to leave naturally
  • Checking to ensure all bats are completely gone
  • Permanently sealing all openings
  • Cleaning up any messes left such as odor and bat guano
  • Repairing and restoring damages caused by the bats

Let our certified wildlife experts create a personalized plan to remove the bats from your Miami home or business. At Critter Control® of Miami, we are committed to performing superior work, which is backed by our quality guarantee.

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