Mouse infestations are a bigger problem than most homeowners in Miami think. These critters are drawn to your home because it’s safe and gives them easy access to food and water. A mouse infestation can double in size very quickly due to the rate at which mice can reproduce, and the fact Miami Rat Trappingthat your home provides them a safe and dry place to do that in, it only speeds up the process. While there are ways to trap mice yourself, it is best to let professionals like the ones at Critter Control® Miami deal with your mouse infestation. It can get to be overwhelming when dealing with a massive infestation, and our professionals are trained to deal with just that.

However, if you can catch an infestation before it grows out of control, here are some ways you can nip it in the butt.

Trapping Tips

  • Scent- Since mice have such a great sense of smell, it’s important your hands are clean and free of any pet odor, so the mice don’t smell other animals on the traps you set.
  • Placement- Look for evidence as to where your mice could be nesting and place traps around that area. If there’s a place in your home with lots of droppings, bite marks, or chewed wiring, chances are that’s where the mice are living.
  • Bait- Bait that is high in protein like peanut butter or cheese works best with mice. Remember, a little bit goes a long way.
  • Number of Traps- Generally, placing more traps than you think there are mice is a good rule to follow. It is better to have more traps than less, and if you overestimated, more traps mean a higher chance of catching a mouse.

If your traps do work, do not handle the dead mouse. It’s dangerous for both you and your family to treat dead mice, as they carry many different diseases. If your infestation is out of hand, you have dead mice in your home, or you would like to schedule a free consultation with Critter Control® Miami, please call us at 305-258-3587