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Termite Removal & Control

termiteWarm weather and pristine beaches make living in Florida extremely appealing. But there’s a big problem that most Florida homeowners will face at one time or another: termites. At Critter Control of Miami, our pest control experts have the tools and know-how to prevent and rid your home of these pests. Here, we teach you the top 3 main reasons termites are attracted to homes.


Subterranean termites can be found all over Florida for the simple fact that they are attracted to moisture. Florida’s humid weather, unfortunately, make it an ideal breeding ground for these pests. Leaky pipes, standing water in or around your home’s foundation, and even roof gutters are all areas prone to termite infestations. In order to discourage termites, be sure to have leaks taken care of right away, keep your roof gutters cleaned out, and make sure there is proper drainage around your home.

Wood Structures around the Home

It’s common knowledge that termites love wood—they feed on cellulose, which is actually a component of wood. When you have wood that may come into contact with your home’s exterior (a wood pile nearby, trellis, wooden siding, tree branches, etc.), this can actually serve as a doorway, giving termites direct access to your home. To help keep termites from your home, trim back tree branches resting against the home and remove any wooden structures that may be in close proximity.

Holes in Your Home’s Roof, Foundation, and More

When they’re on the hunt for food, termites will often enter your home through openings in your home’s foundation, walls, roof, and other areas. Be sure to check your home’s entry doors and windows on occasion to inspect for openings, using caulk to repair any damaged areas. Inspect the seals where plumbing and electrical lines enter your home as well. If you suspect any damage to these areas or to your roof, have them repaired right away. Making these repairs can help prevent termites.

Understanding the behavior of termites and taking proper action can help to discourage termites from your home. If you do suspect you have a termite problem, it is crucial that you seek professional help to prevent further damage. Call Critter Control of Miami. We’ll take the proper steps to completely rid your home of these pests.