Squirrel Babies in the Attic

Animals are wonderful things. They can bring joy to so many people, both watching them in the wild and owning them as pets. However, when an animal comes into your home unexpectedly, the result is much different. Squirrels often will sneak into attics in the winter and spring months to have their young, potentially causing damage to your home and keeping you up at night in the process.

What You Should Avoid

When confronted with squirrels in your attic, you may think it is a good idea to leave poison up there. While this may seem like an easy, no-hassle solution, this is actually a terrible idea. The squirrel young won’t be able to move around to get to the poison, so it would only affect the mother and potentially others in your household. Without the mother, the babies will die of starvation. Dead squirrels will decompose in your attic, and you may not be able to find them or get to the bodies, so you could have horrible smells and even bacteria in your house.

You also might think that you need to seal your home as soon as possible before more squirrels can use your attic as a birthing space. But, this will simply trap the existing squirrel babies and potentially the mother inside, leaving them all to die of starvation. This will have similar results with bad odors and decomposition like the poisoning method. Even if the mother was not trapped inside, she will simply chew another hole somewhere to get in to her babies.

Proper Squirrel Removal

The most effective and safe way to remove the squirrels from your home is by hiring a professional wildlife management service. At Critter Control®, we have decades of squirrel trapping knowledge and we use only the most efficient and humane removal methods available. Call us today for your free consultation at 305-258-3587.