Coral Gables Mice Removal

However cute they may appear, mice are destructive rodents that can damage property and transmit bacteria and disease. Because they can also breed rapidly, the longer mice nest in a home, the harder they are to exterminate. If you notice any signs of mice on your Coral Gables property, it is critical to act fast. Critter Control® can help keep your mouse problem from turning into an overwhelming infestation.

Dangers of a Mouse Infestation

If not swiftly dealt with, an infestation of mice can cause serious damage to a home or business. Common destruction caused by mice include:

  •  Nesting in and soiling attic insulation
  • Contaminating food
  • Chewing on wiring, drywall, and wooden structures
  • Spreading infectious diseases like leptospirosis or hantavirus to people and pets

Critter Control® Can Help!

The technicians at Critter Control®  are licensed and trained in safe, humane, and effective rodent removal solutions. Not only will our technicians permanently remove mice from your home, but they will also clean up and repair any mess or damage they leave behind.

If you need immediate mice removal, call us today at 305-363-7136 to schedule your free consultation.