Coral Gables Bat Removal

Ongoing expansion, development, and construction in Florida have reduced the natural habitats of many of the state’s 13 native species of bat, forcing them to take shelter elsewhere. While most of Florida’s bat population prefer to roost in trees, it is common for bats to make their way into the garages and attics of businesses and homes.

Signs of Bats on Your Property

  • Bats flying around your property at dusk or dawn
  • Squeaking sounds coming from the attic
  • Urine odor that smells like ammonia
  • Dry guano droppings
  • Black oily stains near their entry/exit points

The Dangers of DIY Bat Removal

Because of strict Florida laws and the risk of disease, you should not attempt to remove any bats on your own. Using poisonous pest control methods on bats is illegal in the state of Florida as the state is home to the endangered Gray bat and Florida bonneted bat. Bats are also known to transmit rabies and the lung disease histoplasmosis. You can avoid serious legal and health exposure by relying on professional bat removal experts.

Contact the Professionals

If you believe there are bats in your Coral Gables home or business, don’t hesitate to call Critter Control® of Miami. Our fully trained and licensed technicians know how to safely and legally remove rodents or bats from your property. Call us today at 305-363-7136 to get your fast, free estimate.