Can Plants Naturally Help Repel Animals?

For homeowners looking for natural ways to keep nuisance animals at bay, Can Plants Naturally Help Repel Animals options can sometimes seem limited. There are however certain types of plants that can help naturally control animal populations when planted around your property. However, they are not a guaranteed solution.

Three plants in particular have proven helpful in diverting pests:

  • Rosemary
  • Mint
  • Daffodils

What exactly are their benefits?


This plant acts as a great natural mosquito deterrent, and it happens to smell great! While it isn’t an end-all be-all solution for animal control, it can have a significant impact in areas like South Florida that see a lot of mosquito activity during the summer. Rosemary, when planted alongside other plants like sage and oregano, has also been known to help ward off pesky deer as well.

This plant serves double duty, as it also makes a great herb for cooking!


Another popular plant used in cooking, mint gives off a pleasant aroma while helping to ward off ants, fleas, ticks, moths, as well as mice and deer. If you’ve been dealing with a localized ant problem, like in the kitchen for instance, a bundle of mint on your countertop can go a long way towards keeping them away.


While mint and rosemary may be useful for insects and smaller critters, daffodils offer some protection from larger animals. Homes suffering from rodent problems often see a benefit from using daffodils, as well as those trying to ward off squirrels or raccoons.

Let Us Help

Certain plants are useful for keeping away small numbers of nuisance critters or maintaining a pest-free home, but when you need to get rid of an animal infestation for good, the experts at Critter Control® are here to help. We offer guaranteed exclusion services that repair damages caused by the critters and keep them from returning.

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