Controlling Mice

Since these little rodents are so small, it can be easier for mice to invade your home than you think. Their little bodies allow them to slip through Miami micecracks and holes you might have in your home that you didn’t even realize existed. As soon as you find evidence that a mouse could be living in your house, you should contact the experts at Critter Control® Miami to remove the mice as quickly as possible. If… Read more »

Trapping Mice

Mouse infestations are a bigger problem than most homeowners in Miami think. These critters are drawn to your home because it’s safe and gives them easy access to food and water. A mouse infestation can double in size very quickly due to the rate at which mice can reproduce, and the fact Miami Rat Trappingthat your home provides them a safe and dry place to do that in, it only speeds up the process. While there are ways to Read more »

5 Signs You Have a Rodent Infestation

 Miami Rat InfestionRodent infestations can cause a lot of damage to your home in a very short period. To have an infestation removed, you must first identify there is a problem. Use the guide below to learn five signs that you may have a rodent infestation on your hands.

  1. New Sounds in the Walls

If you have a rodent infestation, you may start to h… Read more »

Rats: When to Exterminate

Worldwide, rat infestation complaints are up by about 40%, so if you see signs of an infestation in your home, you are not alone. Rat droppings, chewed wires, and ripped insulation are all signs you could have an Miami ratinfestation. But don’t fret, the experts at Critter Control® Miami are ready and willing to help. We can work with your to create a custom plan on how to rid your home of t… Read more »

Rat Droppings

The Feces Fiasco: Rat Droppings

Rat droppings are revolting. Finding rat droppings in the same place that Miami Droppingsyou sleep and eat is even more revolting. But what could possibly be the most revolting, is what those rat droppings might indicate. The first thing you need to do if you see rat droppings in your home is step away. Do not touch the rat droppings. They carry many diseases that are so easily spread, you could catch them b… Read more »

How to Trap a Rat

Rats can be a serious problem in any household or business. While Critter Miami RatsControl of Miami® doesn’t recommend you dealing with a rat infestation on your own, we do believe you can take active steps in protecting your family and home. If you have a rat problem, remember the following:

  1. You need more than you think. Always buy more rat traps than you think you need, and make sure they are rat traps, not mouse traps. Even if you have only … Read more »

Dealing with Animals in your Walls

Having any sort of wild animal inside the walls of your home is an Miami - squirrelsincredibly annoying experience. The thumping, squeaking, and scratching is enough to cause a headache. Beyond the noise, did you know that wild critters in your walls have the potential to spread parasites and infectious diseases to you and your family? If you suspect that you have an animal stuck in your wall, give Critter Control® of Miami a call right away.

Ho… Read more »

How to get rid of Pigeons

It is no mystery why pigeons, of all birds, are considered pests. They steal Miami - pigeonsyour food, leave droppings everywhere, and come in big packs. It can be hard to control these birds from infiltrating your home or business. The Humane Society suggests killing them is not a good option not only because it’s cruel, but because it will not solve your problem. Here are some tips on how to keep your property free from pesky pigeons.

  1. Read more »

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Feed Wild Animals

You’ve seen them in your backyard and they seem extremely cute but it’s never a good idea to feed your local wildlife. Feeding can make potentially dangerous animals become too comfortable around humans. When animals learn they can scrounge for food around your home or recreational areas, they can become a nuisance. We know they may seem hungry, but here are five reasons why feeding the local wildlife isn’t ideal:Miami Squirell

1) It can creat… Read more »

5 Ways to Keep Roaches Out of Your Home

Something about having roaches in your home generally makes a homeowner queasy. Their nocturnal nature, their ability to take flight, and their potential to transmit diseases and elicit allergies makes them pest control miami, flunwanted in most places. There are over 4,000 known species worldwide and they all have the same effect on humans wherever they go. According to the … Read more »