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Cockroach Infestations

Despite the catchy Spanish tune, La Cucaracha, the cockroach is not a beloved part of any Florida home. At Critter Control of Miami, one of our specialties is ridding this pest from your home. Some signs of a cockroach problem in your home include simply seeing the pest in your home. Because cockroaches are nocturnal animals, they are usually only seen at night, but if there are enough of them, you will begin to see them during the day.The other biggest sign of these pests in your home is the smell that accompanies them—a strong, oily odor. So, how hard is it to rid your home of cockroaches? Read on to learn more about these hardy creatures.

Who Needs a Head?

The cockroach is a special kind of pest—one that can actually live without a head for up to 7 days. This little pest can live without a head because it has an open circulatory system and it breathes through little holes on each one of its body’s segments. In fact, if not for the need to have water and food, a cockroach could live indefinitely without a head.

Notoriously nocturnal, these insects like to wander around your home at night scrounging for food and water. Seeing as they scatter as soon as the light comes on, this can make it difficult to battle them on your own.

Water Anyone?

When it comes to surviving submerged in water, the cockroach has some serious skills. A cockroach can hold its breath for 40 minutes. This means that even if a cockroach decides to take a swim in a bucket of water, it can hold its breath for over a half hour! In fact, cockroaches sometimes spend time in the water, on purpose, to help prevent dehydration.

Any Other Amazing Characteristics?

Besides living for a week without a head and having the ability to hold its breath for a half hour, cockroaches have some other amazing characteristics. They can run as fast as 3 miles in an hour, which makes for some pretty impressive scurrying when the lights get turned on. It also means they can quickly spread bacteria and other germs throughout your home with incredible ease.

Cockroaches undoubtedly have a great ability to live. They have been around for over 280 million years. There are over 4,000 different species of cockroaches, with the most common being the German cockroach.

Your Professional Partners

As you can see, the cockroach has an awesome ability to survive under the worst conditions. Look to the professionals to help you rid your home of these pesky pests. Critter Control of Miami has the knowledge, equipment, and years of experience needed to restore your home to a pest-free space.