5 Ways to Keep Roaches Out of Your Home

Something about having roaches in your home generally makes a homeowner queasy. Their nocturnal nature, their ability to take flight, and their potential to transmit diseases and elicit allergies makes them pest control miami, flunwanted in most places. There are over 4,000 known species worldwide and they all have the same effect on humans wherever they go. According to the US Census Bureau, 30% of Miami households reported seeing cockroaches in 2015. This makes Miami one of the top 4 cities in the country to have the most roach-infested real estate. Of the 865,000+ households in Miami, Dade County, 259,500+ have sighted roaches on their property. This is definitely an area of concern. To keep you off the growing list, Critter Control®has compiled a list of 5 ways to keep roaches at bay and out of your home.

1) Think Clean                         

Roaches enter our home in search of food. To prevent them for coming in, avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink; clean up any food particles that have fallen on the counter, stove, or floor; store food in airtight containers; and take the trash out as often as possible. The less access they have to food, the better!

2) Safeguard

Roaches are small and don’t need an open door to enter your residence. Locate and seal any cracks, crevices, and holes that you can find in your home. Pay close attention to those that you may find around window sills, or around pantry and cabinet doors where food is stored.

3) Free Your Yard of Waste

Shrubs, leaf piles, composting heaps, or decayed wood provide both food and shelter for cockroaches. Remove these items or keep them as far away from your home as possible if they are needed.

4) Natural Methods

Though do-it-yourself methods aren’t foolproof when it comes to keeping roaches away, however some of the suggested components are repulsive to cockroaches and can work if there is a small localized infestation. Suggested methods include using bay leaves, sugar and baking soda, borox, or pepper and onion.

5) Water Trap

Place a glass jar or deep glass container half filled with water near the site of the suspected roach infestation. Roaches will climb in the jar to drink water, but they won’t be able to climb out.

No matter how hard you try to keep clean and implement the correct safeguards and traps, roaches may still make their way into your home. You may bring them in from outdoors or another location unknowingly. If the infestation gets too much for you to handle, call the experts at Critter Control®. Let our world class team members give you a free consultation and show you why using our services is a must.